Xbox 360 Kinect Bundles for 2012 Holiday Season Announced

According to it is possible to save over $150 on a Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle this holiday season. Typically a Xbox 360 console bundled with a Kinect sensor costs way less than purchasing the items separately. “During the holiday shopping season starting Black Friday, the savings are even greater” according to a spokesperson from the above website.

The best savings often come from the 250GB Xbox 360 bundles, compared to the 4GB bundles. Even though the 4GB bundles are about $100 cheaper than the 250GB bundles, savings are maximum with the latter. Given these savings, a lot of holiday shoppers are inclined to purchase a 250GB Xbox 360 Kinect Holiday Value Bundle compared to the 4GB version. However, depending on how one plans to use them, 4GB console may satisfy the gaming needs of some users. Most games are available in DVDs that require no storage space on the console. Therefore, for someone that will only use their Xbox for playing games using purchased DVDs, a 4GB console is likely to suffice. However, for those that wish to use Xbox LIVE and download game trailers etc., the built-in 4GB space may become insufficient.

Because the Xbox can connect to the internet and has the capability to stream movies from NetFlix etc., a lot of people are under the impression that they will need 250GB consoles to watch these movies. However, the reality is that, because these movies are streamed and not stored on the console, one does not necessarily need a dedicated storage space to watch online streaming movies from services like NetFlix and Hulu plus, using the Xbox 360.

In addition to the ‘standard’ Xbox 360 bundles, they also list Limited Edition Special bundles such as the Xbox 360 Halo 4 Bundle. Halo 4 is coming out in November 2012 and is bound to be a popular game for the holiday season.

The goal of is to summarize and review the most current deals on gaming consoles such as Xbox 360 bundles. They also provide tips on how to save over $150 when purchasing an Xbox 360 bundle with Kinect.

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