Windows Mobile 7 As an Emerging Market for App Development

The association of Windows and Nokia has struck almost like a shock to the big daddies of the industry but it surely does make sense. Microsoft is the software giant and Nokia has deep expertise with mobile devices. Together, they can create a massive windows ecosystem where windows users can use their files created on windows PC and use it on the go with their windows powered Nokia phones.

Though the idea looks tempting, competing in the mobile market is not just about a great device or an OS alone. It’s about the offerings, the value added services and the app store that is turning the market around. There are only 60k apps deployed so far under the Windows mobile 7 app platform. Apart from the small number of apps deployed in the market, the critics say the apps are useful and the app store is growing day by day. Considering Microsoft’s technical which has always made its applications run across its OS versions in the PC, we can be assured that the same trend will continue with windows phone 7 that will allow us to enjoy a plethora of applications on windows phone as well.

Along with apps, sharing and accessing same files across devices is the new variable to competition, called the cloud. Microsoft OS is already in place which is a major player in the market. Microsoft can optimize the technology for its users to share the files from windows phone 7 across windows powered PCs, Windows Laptops and other devices that runs on windows. At this point, there are 400 active users who are using windows in their PCs. This certainly will create a tough competition for Apple with its iCloud and Android with its sync services.

Another important factor that can drive windows phone is the wide spectrum of devices that Nokia is capable to make. Nokia has made phones for the Indian market that ranged from $25 to more than $550. With a spectrum so wide, Windows phone can create a strong hold in market and that will lead to overflow of windows mobile apps.

Apple and Microsoft are the two best digital companies in the world and Nokia which suffered a dip in sales leading to 17000 job cuts last year will try to channel its expertise to make a leading mobile device. And as of now the chances of being successful for Nokia and Windows phone looks bright and promises a richer windows phone 7 app market in the future. It will however be interesting to see the three horses battle.

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