New Video Game Cheats Revealed on

The webmaster at recently released the latest batch of cheats for the popular video game. Players can now get through the challenging game and tough parts much easier thanks to the guides and codes provided.

In the guide, users will not only get codes and cheats, but they will also receive a complete walkthrough for the entire game. This is a great resource to check when stuck on a certain part of the game. Some might opt for using the book from start to finish, while others will try to only use the book when necessary.

The silver lining of the guide is that everything is completely free to download. Most games have guides and cheat codes released, but many websites end up charging customers. The writers behind the Empire and Allies cheats ebook simply want to help others out.

Along with cheats on this video game, the company also provides FIFA 11 cheats, FIFA 12 cheats and more. The guides are all similarly written.

For more information, or to simply begin your free download, visit

The goal of is to provide gamers with the best tips for the popular video game. Along with tips, cheats and walkthroughs, and breaking news on the video game will be released as well. The website was developed by real gamers who genuinely enjoy the game as much as others.

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