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The cell phone is the fastest-selling item of consumer electronics of all times, so it’s easy to understand the intense competition going on between network providers, causing some of them to lock cell phones so that the other providers’ SIM cards would not work in the devices they sell. While the war between major carriers will probably never end, the end customer is the one affected by the limitations and restrictions imposed by blocked phones.

With a blocked phone, customers cannot change the network provider or insert another SIM card in their phone. Moreover, they are unable to save money when traveling abroad or increase its resale value, in case considers selling it. California-based phone unlocking provider TheUnlockGuys.com offers reliable mobile phone unlock services to mobile phone owners who want to enjoy the full capabilities of their phones, rather than being restricted by network providers. Their services are fast, efficient and cost-affordable, unlocking more than one million phones over the last five years.

“We are happy to report that more and more mobile phone users are realizing the importance of having their phones unlocked”, said spokesperson for TheUnlockGuys.com. Listing the great benefits of cell phone unlocking, the representative of the company stated: “First of all, they can save hundreds of dollars whenever they are traveling internationally, as they can use local mobile phone services at cheaper prices. With our phone unlocking services, users are able to select the provider of their choice and the phone they want – no longer would they be restricted to certain carriers’ available phones or have to settle for certain quality of service. Customers should be able to have absolute freedom in using their phones – for those who don’t, we are here to help”.

Cell phones have become an ever-present tool for communication and information searching – at the present, it is estimated that 83% of American adults have some kind of mobile phone. Research results indicate that more than half of all adult cell phone owners are using their portable devices to obtain information they need fast, while 30% of those interviewed have stated that they were unable to carry out certain tasks because they didn’t have their phone with them.

TheUnlockGuys.com provide instant unlock codes and irreproachable customer service, best reflected in customer testimonials: “I received the unlock code for my phone within minutes and the instructions they provided were clear and concise. I definitely appreciate the user-friendly interface of their website and also the cost-effectiveness of their service. Both the price and the service were wonderful, so thanks a bunch!” – Rob, California, US.

To get your instant unlock code and start using the mobile phone to its full capabilities, please visit http://theunlockguys.com.

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The team at TheUnlockGuys.com takes great pride to serve their customers the very best by providing an exceptional hassle free unlocking service, along with a top notch customer service team to assist them at any time, as to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. TheUnlockGuys.com cell phone unlocking service can be found in countless countries around the world. Their global status allows them to reach out to help millions of people to enjoy the benefits of an unlocked phone.

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