Tradestead Focuses on Developing Laptop Computer Range

Further additions have been made to the growing offering of products at Instead of bringing totally new products on board, three following and related categories are being developed instead.

Specifically, the wholesale electronics supplier will be concentrating on improving its selection of laptop computers ( and related laptop accessories ( Tradestead’s Product Development representative Joanna Chan said, “It is very important for us to increase not only the quantity of laptops, but the quality of our products too. We may currently have a reputation of stocking only OEM products, but we are able to compete with other retail stores as well. Seeing as we have a large number of laptop batteries ( that work for many well known brands, it’s a perfect evolution of our product listings to provide branded laptop notebooks.”

Referring to the current set of products on offer, Chan continued, “You can see already that we stock high quality laptops by the likes of MSI. We aim to continue to strengthen our relationship with them in order to provide greater choice of their excellent machines. As soon as we feel that we are in a good position here, we will then move to bring on board more brands. This is an indication of our ambition to be seen as a serious player in the market.”

Neither Tradestead nor Chan was able to confirm when further brands would be made available on site. However, it remains likely that by the end of the year visitors to the site will be able to pick from a much larger selection of laptop computers.

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