Tie with Apple: Google Has 700,000 Apps on Offer

Both shops offer the most recent messages from Google and Apple according to about 700,000 applications. 2010, Apple had to a lead of 230,000 100,000.

An the stores differ still other criteria. Apple estimated that over ten percent of the applications are only around one percent for a fee, on Google. On the Apple platform developers have taken about $ 6.5 billion, on the Google only a fraction of this.

But it is most important for the users: there are the most popular applications from two suppliers. Alone tablet users say perhaps more differences because 275,000 of the Apple apps are specifically adapted for the iPad. All Smartphone apps run on Android tablets, but only a few are optimized for large displays.

There are currently 120,000 apps in the marketplace of newcomers Windows phone. Among them, according to Microsoft, located 46 of the top 50 apps on Android and iOS. Android is ruling over 75% smartphone market.

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