Taap.it Mobile Marketplace – The Favotire Biz App on This Summer

Taap.it Mobile Marketplace (http://taap.it), The Favotire Biz App on this summer, help you kickstart and manage your business.

“Taap.it — While the emphasis with this app is on peer-to-peer selling, taap.it can also be used by small retailers to place items in a virtual shelf.” said The Technoverse Blog. “Merchants simply take a picture of products using their iPhone app. Potential customers can then search for goods (and services) using a simple distance metric and keyword. Great for local businesses.”

“Taap.it is a mobile app that allows you to create classified ads from your mobile phone, making advertising easier by using a location-based platform, allowing you to share with your Facebook and Twitter community and providing you with an instant way to look for and post classifieds from your Android or iPhone.” said Karim Kanji at XConnect. “Based in New York, Taap.it generated buzz at this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt for the way their using their mobile app to modernize location-based classifieds, making it more intuitive, user friendly and technologically advanced.”

The app is a great way to quickly post something that you want to sell or to get something in your area that you want to buy.

“When I want to sell something, I generally always use eBay or Craigslist, but usually the process takes time, I don’t get to meet the person I’m selling to (or buying from), and I can’t list from my smartphone,” said Rip Empson, Editor at TechCrunch.

Sell a laptop? Sublet an apartment? Have an event to share? Use Taap.it- a simple, fast and fun app that reinvents classified advertising on your phone.

“The app makes it easy to contact the seller via phone or email with just a tap.” Adam Dachis, Editor at LifeHacker. “Taap.it is a time-saving app for Android and iOS that lets you post to its classifieds by doing little more than taking a picture.”

“It is so fast and easy to use,” said Duy Huynh, Product Manager at Taap.it. “Taap.it turns those boring classified ads into more social, fun, and most importantly – instant local purchases.”

“Taap.it gives us the power of immediate purchase,” said Duy Huynh. “When I buy something, I want to buy it right now from people who are within 500 feet from me. Local newspapers couldn’t do it. Craigslist couldn’t do it either. Taap.it will completely change how we browse and shop locally.”

Posting an ad is also quick and easy. Take a photo of the item you want to post, whether you want to sell a used TV or rent a room in your apartment, enter some information, and instantly share with nearby Taap.it users, Facebook, and Twitter.

For more information about Taap.it, or to schedule an interview, please contact the company at (917)825-7677 or email jp@taap.it or kate@taap.it

If you would like to download our app to your phone, please visit http://taap.it.

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