The Stunning High Tech PCC Love eCig Smart Pod Starter Kit

There is no question that since first being invented in 2003 the electronic cigarette aka electric cigarette or e cig, has come a long way, and progressed rapidly over the following 9 years. There are currently a huge amount of products on offer and the manufacturing and designing of e cigs continues to develop and improve rapidly. With in this, relatively new and exciting manufacturers have emerged in the market place offering a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.

As a consumer, particularly when a person is about to make his first purchase, all theses choices can feel a little overwhelming having so many electric cigarettes to choose from and a lot of the terminologies can seem very bamboozling and complicated.

With all of this in mind, Love Ecig is very excited and proud to be launching their new Love Ecig Smart Pod pack very soon. With its super slick design and cutting edge technology whilst also being very easy to use, they feel that this product is a must have buy for both new and well experienced e cig users alike.

The rechargeable box for charging and carrying an E cig battery and 3 Customizers (a cartridge and atomizer in one), not only looks super smart but it really is, hence the name falls.

This ultra slim smart pod is a very capable multi-tasker. In addition to keeping 510 e cig batteries charged at all times, this little beauty can also easily re-charge the other everyday devices due to its own high performance and battery power, so say a mobile phone is running low, the pod can recharge that as well as it comes with a universal multi adapter with connections that fit iPod, iPhone, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson phones and Mini and Micro USB’s. The Love Ecig Smart Pod not only ensures that a person have everything he needs for his day to day electronic cigarette usage but can also cater for all those other every day essentials.

From the superior batteries in both the rechargeable smart pod and the eCig, guaranteeing the utmost in power, extended battery life and ultimate vapour production, to the rubber tips in the cartomiser’s enhancing the feeling of the vapour experience and making refilling easy, combined in one with a powerful and reliable atomizer, everything about this pack exudes well thought out, high performance technology and great design, whilst also keeping the things delightfully simple for the user/consumer and provides outstanding value for money.

About LoveeCig:
Of course it is their product so that Love Ecig they’re bound to love it, and one may think they’re biased, but they have never been surer that a person is going to love it too and can’t wait to bring it. For more info and detailed specifications please visit their website at

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