SqwishLand’s Spook-tacular Halloween Celebration

It’s the spookiest time of the year again, Halloween! And no other online game for kids celebrates this trick-or-treatin’ fun event like SqwishLand does. Once a year, SqwishLand, the safe virtual world for kids, dons a dark and creepy theme where Halloween games and surprises await players.

This year, kids can look forward to yet another Halloween-themed virtual world. SqwishLand’s sunny and happy environment will be transformed into a spook land for online trick-or-treaters. Mysterious and dark creatures will be coming back from the dead to haunt players and SqwishLanders.

The two-week Halloween celebration will be filled with game events where cool Halloween-themed prizes are up for grabs. With the competition for the 6th week of the Game Event Ladder getting stiffer by the week, players need to amp up their game event skills to become one of the Game Event Ladder Leaders.

Another Halloween surprise that players should watch out for is the minigame on the mysterious Ghostly Sqworca. Rumor has it that this Ghostly Sqworca is calling for help in driving away an evil Sqwabble that has taken over his house. SqwishLand players can help the Ghostly Sqworca by solving a riddle given by the evil Sqwabble. If answered correctly, they will be given a reward. But when the player fails to get it right, they will be lost in time.

Kids can enjoy these Halloween surprises in SqwishLand by registering in http://www.SqwishLand.com. Joining SqwishLand is absolutely free for people of all ages. Players can enter a SqwishCode, a special code that comes with the SqwishLand capsules containing the soft ‘n squishy toys that inspired the game. Upon first entry of a SqwishCode, players will get a 30-day free Premium Membership.

A Premium Membership will give players access to more areas and more minigames, helping them to level up faster in the game. Together with their virtual SqwishLand pets, players can interact with one another and join the community activities to win Sqwash and cool prizes. The succeeding SqwishCodes entered can be used to redeem more virtual cash and unlock fun new bonuses, costumes for their avatars, homes, and more.

SqwishLand is developed by SqwishLand LLC, a company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company develops SqwishLand in three ecosystems: off line (physical goods), online (virtual world, online gaming, Facebook and YouTube) and mobile (iTunes Apps and Android). It is the first truly integrated toy and entertainment line for 6 to 13-year-old kids.

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