Know How a Single SMS Can Make You Updated Socially

MyWirelessHub recently launched a mobile phone service called My SMS Alerts sms based text alerts that sends daily updates about what’s happening around us. It functions as your daily newspaper that covers everything, from news headlines, entertainment, weather, politics, medical news alerts, stock market and basically everything that you need to be updated with.

It’s the first time from MyWirelessHub. Nowadays, keeping it up with the daily news is a tough responsibility. My SMS Alerts understands how busy everyone in the US is. In an online article written by Dean Schabner, he said Americans work on longer days, less vacation time, and later retirement, and — and that was all during the good years of the 1990s. We are now in the 20th century and Americans seem to be a little aggressive when it comes to work. My SMS Alerts was perfected to provide an updated news alerts to all the busy Americans via Short Message Service or SMS. The alerts are in text message format, usually containing 160 characters which is long enough for a busy person to know what the exact news is all about.

My SMS Alerts will pull data relevant to the specific subjects you desire and sends them to you via SMS or email. Through this service even the busiest person can be updated with the latest news, current events and other crucial information that you need to know.

My SMS Alerts gives it subscribers a great advantage since it covers a wider range of topics, carefully researched and chosen to filter the exact alerts that you want to receive.

For individuals interested to know more or wanted to sign up for My SMS Alerts visit for more information.

About MyWirelessHub
MyWirelessHub is your total mobile content and entertainment provider that will cater to all your needs and demands, including SmartyAlerts that delivers daily news updates. It provides credible source of news alerts, mobile entertainments, SMS based games, trivia games. It’s a complete package containing all the mobile services you need.

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