Sim Free Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Available Now at Mobile Fun

Mobile Fun, the UK’s leading online retailer of mobile phone accessories and sim free phones have received stock of the Sim Free Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Stunning in its design and fine-tuned for multi-tasking, the Galaxy Note 2 is the perfect handset for those that want the feel of a tablet but usability of a phone.

Following on from the highly successful Samsung Galaxy Note, the Sim Free Samsung Galaxy Note 2 features a monster 5.5″ display and super fast 1.6GHz processor to ensure that the handset runs at big speeds to match the big size of the phone. The handset also uses Samsung’s own Exynos 4412 Quad Chip to ensure that multi-tasking on the Note 2 is done with ease.

The Note 2 is designed to work better with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 accessories like the S Pen, ensuring that work can be completed quickly and easily. The new S Pen is designed so that it doesn’t need to touch the Note 2’s screen, meaning that it’s less likely to become damaged and more of a joy to use.

Slightly thinner than the original Note, the Note 2 features a Micro SD card slot which works with cards up to 64GB. This means that the user will never run out of memory, so all images taken with the 8MP camera can be stored forever. This also makes the Note 2 a great media streaming device, as media doesn’t need to take up any of the internal memory of the handset.

The perfect handset for those who like to work on the go, the Sim Free Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is available now from Mobile Fun, along with a variety of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 cases.

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