Five Siblings Light up Arizona in ‘Mega Wedding’ Reports

A unique and pretty spectacular wedding took place in Mesa, Arizona, this weekend where five siblings from the Waldie family got married not only on the same day, but during the same ceremony as well.

The event has been dubbed as a ‘Mega Wedding’ where five couples said their ‘I Do’s’. The family is in Arizona and is headed by the father of the five, Doug Waldie.

The five Waldie siblings who tied the knot include Sydney, 25, Bradford, 26, Brooke, 20, Emily, 28, and Walker, 24.

All of them were engaged within one month of each other; Sydney to Doug, Bradford to Megan, Brooke to Todd, Emily to William, Walker to Jillian. Their father, Doug Waldie, was quite happy seeing his children starting a new life.

He spoke to ABC News saying this “Except for Walker, who had dated his new wife in high school, the rest of the couples had just met each other around October of last year. By December or so, I could see the tidal waves coming. They were all very, very much in love. So even at that point, I’m thinking to myself, ‘I’m never going to be able to afford that many weddings.’”

Waldie said that they had to come up with the plan of combined weddings, otherwise it would have created problems having their marriages individually based on age.

He said, “Whoever’s in first place is going to get a really nice reception. Whoever ends up in fifth place gets $32.50 and a bus ticket to wherever you want to go.”

On the other hand, all of the couples also agreed to this option and forgot their differences to make this occasion a memorable event for all of them. Another reason for this joint effort was a son’s military commitment.

According to East Valley Tribune, one of the Waldie boys who was got married in the joint ceremony had to report to the Air Force for pilot training at the end of August.

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