Sertifi’s Electronic Signature Solution Goes Mobile With iPad

Sertifi, the leading electronic signature solution for executing agreements, has announced the release of its next generation finger/mouse signature capabilities.

These new capabilities make it possible for salespeople and others who need legally binding documents signed to capture electronic signatures via mobile devices such as iPads and Android/Blackberry tablets.

Whether signatures must be gathered in person at a customer’s location, or customers simply want to sign on their mobile devices, Sertifi provides the ability to record signatures using a finger-based, mouse-based or text signature, says John Stojka, co-founder of Sertifi, provider of the iPad esignature solution.

“Tablets create freedom and versatility for users because of their size and mobility,” Stojka says. “Imagine the convenience of walking into a customer’s office and handing over a tablet to capture their signature.”

Users simply select their preferred method of signing when they send signature requests, or they can let customers choose how they want to sign.

Gone are the days of having to print out paper contracts and then fax, snail-mail or hand deliver them to a client and wait on a response. In addition to streamlining the biometric signature process, esignatures via tablets eliminate the paper trail, save time and project a good company image.

“It looks good for companies to show that they are current on the latest technologies,” Stojka says. “I think it instills confidence with clients that you strive to make services as convenient and efficient as possible.”

It’s a mobile world, and Sertifi continues to take the lead in providing leading next-generation econtracting solutions.

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About Sertifi
Based in Chicago, Illinois, Sertifi develops and deploys enterprise-focused electronic signature solutions. Sertifi provides the leading Agreement Execution Platform, enabling sales organizations to improve exchange of sales contracts with customers and partners. Sertifi’s Software-as-a-Service technology is used by CareerBuilder, Microsoft and the U.S. Air Force.

Sertifi eSign solutions are fully integrated with industry-focused partners, and Oracle and platforms. Additional integrations are available through more than 250 pre-built connectors and Sertifi’s enterprise API.

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