SatTracx Lost Mobile & Child Locator Service Launched

SatNav Technologies, pioneers in GPS Navigation in India since 2005 and market leaders today, launched SatTracx lost mobile and child locator service at just Rs 199 (approximately 5US$) a year. SatTracx Locator is an innovative mobile phone application, mobile users will now have protection against phone theft, be just within an arm’s reach from their loved ones, of course, the same can also be used to locate employees and assets. What’s more, the service is available worldwide and accessible by a call, SMS or the Internet on !

The service is available on both GPS and non-GPS phones. When GPS phones are open to sky the exact location can be identified down to the last meter, while in the case of non-GPS phones or when the GPS phone is indoors, the service will locate the nearest telecom tower and identify the locality and nearest landmarks where the phone is situated. Thus it is a perfect solution for both indoors and outdoors.

Another unique feature is that even if the user of the phone changes the SIM card, the SatTracx Locator service will still be able to track the changed SIM details and its location. The application does not need any GPRS subscription on the phone as it uses only SMS for its mode of communication and retrieval of information. However, it is a stealth application which does not leave any message in the inbox or the outbox, and there is no application interface, so most people would not even know that the application resides on the phone.

The best part is that the SatTracx application can be downloaded for FREE from after a simple registration process is complete, a password will be sent to the phone. The phone is now ready to be tracked and can be given to family or employees in an unobtrusive manner without having to ask them where they are or disturbing them while they are otherwise occupied. This password should be shared only with the people who are allowed to know the location of the mobile phone user. SatTracx Locator guarantees privacy by ensuring that the location is disclosed only when the caller provides this password.

In order to locate the phone, mobile users either call the call center where an agent will give them details, or can send an SMS with the target mobile number and password to get back the location. For the net savvy users, they can just log onto the web and check the location online.

Talk about convenience! The location coordinates of the mobile device can also be sent as an email up to an accuracy of 5 to 10 meters if the mobile device has GPS inbuilt.

The company has also tied up with India’s leading telecom service providers such as Reliance, Airtel and Tata Docomo so those users can dial a premium number and access the service directly. The company is in talks to add other providers to this list, for now other mobile company subscribers can access the service through the company’s toll free number after purchasing a voucher.

“Significant efforts by SatNav to innovate various GPS services that will benefit the masses and our large valuable customer base are being made. Using SatTracx Locator, customers will largely benefit in their day to day activities, enhance efficiency, safety, security and reduce the chances of misuse of assets. The features which will enable our users to sit back and worry less about their loved ones, children, field force and lost mobile phone will be instrumental in changing the way consumers use their mobile phones in the times to come” said Amit Prasad, Founder and MD of SatNav Technologies.

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About SatNav Technologies
Incorporated on January 9, 2004, SatNav Technologies is an ISO certified IT Products Company that is a pioneer in GPS Navigation. SatNav’s products include an immensely popular GPS Navigation Product SatGuide available at hundreds of stores all over the country including leading retailers like Croma, EZone, Reliance, ABRL, Staples among others – that is helping customers “Never Get Lost!” , variants include Navigation solutions for dedicated navigation devices, PDAs, Phones, Laptops, Desktops, SatGuide Logger among others. Also in SatNav portfolio are unique products; a Business Infrastructure Management System, a-mantra; and an online directions portal and now SatTracx Locator for mobiles.

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