New Rift Guide Updated for PvP Conquest Mode

Rift has been out for over a year now, but it is still going strong. In fact, in the past few months there have been two substantial updates to the game: a new 20-player raid called Infernal Dawn and the popular new PvP mode called Conquest. With over a million registered Rift players, there is a lot of competition out there. This is why a new Rift guide called Rift Supremacy has just been released.

Gamers are looking for every edge they can get, particularly in Rift’s PvP mode Conquest. This is where Rift Supremacy has really steps in and assists Rift players in creating the most powerful PvP builds possible. Rift can be quite difficult unless you really know what you are doing. In fact, many gamers discover after playing for awhile that levelling up to the level cap can take endless hours. However, those who have taken advantage of Rift Supremacy’s strategies and innovative levelling methods have found they can level up much faster than others.

This isn’t the first Rift guide that has been released. There are actually a number of really helpful Rift strategy guides available that have been created by some of Rift’s best gamers during the BETA. However, as stated before, Rift has been out for over a year. A lot has changed since the BETA version of the game and it is crucial to stay ahead of everyone else and know the latest strategies. This is why Rift Supremacy has caused such a stir in the Rift community. Rift Supremacy is one of few Rift guides that provide free updates as soon as updates, patches, and expansions hit the public.

A lot of the other Rift guides only offer written levelling guides and don’t meet the needs of gamers who are more visual learners. Rift Supremacy has put together complete step by step HD videos to complement their written levelling guides. Not only does this Rift guide give gamers levelling strategies, but it also has complete video guides to the best builds in the game. Due to this, gamers who utilize these build are able to quickly get the strongest builds for either the Guardian or Defiant.

One of the most impressive features of this Rift guide is the inclusion of an exclusive Pro Forum. This allows gamers to get 24/7 assistance from the very people who created the guide and the thousands of other members. This will prove to be very helpful as the Rift continues to evolve. With the pro forum, constant updates, and great video guides, Rift Supremacy is taking Rift to the next level in the MMO gaming industry. Membership into Rift Supremacy is available now to a limited number of gamers for a one time fee of just $29 at For more Rift strategy guides visit


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