Reliaty55 Presents the New Version of Their Encrypted VoIP Solution for Your Smartphone

It doesn’t seem possible that a security related software could be so easy and comfortable to use. But it is. In fact Reliaty55 is the most comfortable and elegant encrypted VoIP solution ever.

“When we envisioned Reliaty55, we dreamt of a military-grade encrypted solution with high comfort and elegant appearance. Everybody thought that it is nearly impossible, because if something is secure, it can’t be comfortable and elegant as well. But we have managed to find the balance. This is Reliaty55,” said the Reliaty55 spokesperson.

Today, Reliaty55 GmbH proudly presents the new version of their Client App.

“Thanks to our developers’ hard work, the version 1.2.0 provides better audio quality and helps you to contact your friends, family or business partners easier than ever.” The Switzerland based startup, Reliaty55 GmbH provides a highly secure, affordable, easy-to-use voice and text service. In addition to the encrypted voice calling, the customers are able to make secure conference calls, secure chats and multi-user chats. It provides increased privacy by the ability of forming a closed partner group. Reliaty55 is a state-of-the-art, military-grade encrypted VoIP solution for the security conscious mobile people.

Get in touch with your trusted partners in a few seconds.

One of the new features is the simplified and upgraded „Partner invitation” function, which is now available on your smartphone. It is now easier to recommend the service and invite your business partners/friends to Reliaty55’s Secure World by using the „Assistant” function of the client software. If your partner is not yet a Reliaty55 user, you can just simply choose the contact name/mail address from your personal address book, and send an invitation to him/her. By this invitation, the requested partner will get your e-mail as well as an automatic Reliaty55 partner request right after he/she joined the Reliaty55 network. If you send this invitation to an active Reliaty55 user, the automatic partner request will be generated right away.

Extend your Private subscription to Budget Group for your company or partner group.

“From now on, thanks to our new service you can create your own group. But this isn’t just a simple group. It is a Budget Group for managing the member’s subscriptions.” Cover all your partners’ subscription fees without sacrificing their privacy.

You can change the Budget Group’s settings any time. Add more member places and dynamically re-assign the group places to different users according to your security needs. Do you want to authorize your members to use Conference credits? From now, it is just up to you.

We have created the shield for secure communication. This is Reliaty55. Now, it is your turn to rate your privacy. But don’t forget: Your word – Your business!

For the Android platform, the Reliaty55 app is available on Google Play . Versions for iOS and Symbian^3 will be released soon.

For more information on Reliaty55, benefits of the app and details of the price plans, please visit .

The service is available world-wide and within reach of anyone who is aware of the threats of eavesdropping.


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