To Get Ready for Your SAT Exam With IntelliVocab for SAT Deluxe Edition iPhone App Is Easy

Faqden Labs is pleased to announce the release of IntelliVocab for SAT Deluxe Edition. This new version of IntelliVocab iphone application allows you to improve your English vocabulary for SAT competitive exam more effectively due to personalization technologies.

Built by students of MIT based on the research in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Web Semantics, IntelliVocab for SAT Deluxe Edition uses latest machine learning algorithms and web semantic techniques to collapse billions of possibilities into comprehensible probabilistic profile information, in real-time. It identifies your weak and strong areas and completely controls your learning environment. All you need to do is interact. The more you practice, the more it learns about you and knows the words which are difficult for you.

Two parameters are used to profile users. Expert Level of the user and Commitment level of the user. Expert Level: determined based on the interactions with the words. Commitment Level: determined based on the interactions with the iPhone App/AI engine. Such approach makes possible to determine your comfort level with the words and hence customize practice sessions to achieve best learning results.

This is the best version of the app we have built so far says Irfan Mohammed, founder of Faqden Labs. The team put a lot of effort to make sure we deliver a good product experience for students.

IntelliVocab for SAT Deluxe Edition let you add local notifications for the words which you did wrong – this feature helps you master the words quickly and progress greatly.

IntelliVocab for SAT Deluxe Edition includes 4800 + words and helps to analyze your learning progress with visual representation of Progress Report.

*PROMOTIONAL OFFER* – Only till September 9th, Download the app for just 1.99 USD.:

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About Faqden Labs
Faqden Labs is a group of technology enthusiasts who love building cutting edge mobile applications for all kinds of mobile platforms. In addition to IntelliVocab for SAT Deluxe Edition they market (1) IntelliVocab for GRE/GMAT iphone app (2) IntelliVocab for SAT iphone app, (3) IntelliVocab for Business iphone app (4) IntelliVocab for Android.

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