Pros and Cons of Electric Cigarettes Revealed by Electronic Cigarettes and Health

The debate on whether there is a best electronic cigarette and if they are really safe compared to the traditional cigarettes has been going on for some time now. Different sector players have come out to voice their opinions, which are often divergent and sometimes end up confusing the ordinary person that is just seeking the true state of electric cigarettes in comparison to tobacco cigarettes. There are those who argue that while electronic cigarettes have been popularized as safer options, they still pose certain health risks which stem from the manufacturing processes that they go through as well as the materials used to produce them. But the website electronic cigarettes and health ( has come out to address this concern in an effort to provide a much clear direction and shape the debate alongside fundamental facts about electronic cigarettes. According to the web masters, the real question should not be whether electronic cigarettes are purely risk free but rather whether electric cigarettes are less harmful than the traditional tobacco cigarettes as everyone knows them.

They have published direct excerpts from leading publications by medical doctors, tobacco industry experts, research professionals and even government agencies that are charged with the responsibility of safeguarding the health of the public by monitoring the contents of the products they consume. One such government body is the FDA, whose laboratory results have also been highlighted.

Some of the pertinent questions that Best Electronic Cigarettes address include whether water vapor cigarettes can actually help smokers quit smoking. Are electronic cigarettes any better when compared to Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRTs)? What quantity of nicotine does one inhale for every puff? What specific scientific experiments have been conducted with the intention of establishing the true value as well as the health risks of e-cigarettes?

All these questions have been addressed on the website, whose objective is to educate the public on the good and the bad of vapor cigarettes particularly on electronic cigarette health effects. To read their previous press releases go to this website.

About Electronic Cigarettes and Health
Electronic Cigarettes and Health provide information about the ‘health’ aspects of electronic cigarettes. Are they really safe for the consumer, what are the better and safer brands of electronic cigarettes? These are the main questions they try to answer with their website.

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