Print-Rite Won the Hang Seng Pearl River Delta Environmental Award 2009

Union Technology International (MCO) Co. Ltd. (UTec), a leading global supplier of compatible and remanufactured inkjet and laser cartridges, proudly announces that its manufacturing partner, Print-Rite, received a prestigious Hang Seng Pearl River Delta (PRD) Environmental Award 2009 from the Federation of Hong Kong Industries. This award aims to recognize and encourage sound environmental practices by manufacturing companies in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region.

The Hang Seng Pearl River Delta Environmental Award is to commend enterprises that strongly and effectively devote their efforts on environmental protection. Print-Rite won the award in recognition of its devotedness in three environmental aspects, namely, Energy saving, Recycling of materials, and Reduction of hazardous material emission.

In Energy saving, Print-Rite has successfully modified the convertors of its injection machines which are very high electricity consumption equipment in the factory to reduce the electricity consumption by around 25%. Other than the injection machines, fluorescent tubes of the traditional T8 model have been replaced with T5 model. The result also leads to vastly reduction of electricity consumption by around 30%.

In Recycling, Print-Rite has put strong emphasis on recycling and reusing of materials and components like Primary Charge Roller (PCR) and Magnetic Roller (MR) which are the main components of toner cartridges. Used PCR and MR are collected and then refurbished to a marketable condition so that they can be reused again.

In Reduction of hazardous material emission, Print-Rite has stringent procedures that are in compliance with IECQ HSPM QC 080000. We also limit the use of hazardous materials and reduce the emission of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) during the production. Print-Rite has always encouraged the notion of environmental protection and set an example in the industry.

Print-Rite is committed to environmental protection that can contribute to ’sustainable development’ of the earth and mankind. Print-Rite has implemented a green policy aiming at meeting customer satisfaction while also contributing to sustainable development. Print-Rite adopts a four-pronged approach, viz. Design for Environment, Waste Management and Treatment, Chemical Substance Management and Compliance, and Employee Education. Further, Print-Rite will continue the research and development of upstream green components and new printer consumables such as high temperature toner, color toner and ink for special purpose.

As we are aware, the world is entering talks on a climate pact at Copenhagen beginning this week with unprecedented unity to curb greenhouse gases. Print-Rite always supports the reduction of carbon dioxide emission and has planned some initiatives including the preparation of carbon dioxide emission measurement report, use of green packing (less paint/print) and green energy.

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