Prank Ltd. Announces Its First Ipad Game: Ant Raid

Prank Ltd, a newly found independent game developer has announced its first original title for iPad. Ant Raid combines playful action horror with lightweight strategy, and will be available in App Store this spring.

Players get to help a vibrant colony of ants survive swarms of fellow insects, mutated into mindless monsters by the toxic fumes of insecticide left behind by a pest control. Ant Raid contains two game modes, four storyline chapters and 100 playable levels in its launch version.

“Many colleagues have asked why we went straight to iPad instead of starting with an iPhone version. The answer – in its simplicity – is we felt more comfortable designing the game directly to the big screen instead of having to worry about any compromises between the two devices. That said, there will be no ‘HD’ at the end of the game’s title, but you can trust Ant Raid is a high-definition iPad-experience with 3D graphics.”, says Mr Seppo Santapukki, Creative Director of Prank.

Cinematic trailer and first screenshots of Ant Raid can be found from the game’s official website at

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