PC Tablets to Become More Popular Then Laptops

PC tablets, or formally referred to as tablet computer and may be simply called a tablet is a comprehensive portable computer. It is usually operated by touching the screen which utilizes an on-screen virtual keyboard, a stylus pen or a digital pen instead of using an actual physical keyboard. It is usually compared to a cellular phone but it is larger than the mobile phone.

The history of PC tablets can be traced back in the 1880s wherein some electric devices have been created the uses data input and output that can be viewed in a flat display. While earlier in the twentieth century, other gadgets have been made that have the same characteristics of the electric device in the 1880s. These were considered as prototypes and blueprints. An example of this gadget is the Dynabook of 1968. In the 2000s, Microsoft has attempted to popularize the PC tablets but their attempt had failed because many people have questioned its usability and some have issues about the price of the said tablet. Of all the PC tablets that had been created only one company had captured the customer’s eyes and this happened in April 2010 when Apple Inc. made public the iPad which was admired for its low cost, lesser weight, simplicity and battery life.

But the main credit for devising PC tablets is given to Alan Kay from Xerox who first drafted the thought back then in 1971. Some companies that have traditional PC tablets are Nokia, Linux, Microsoft, Intel, Meego and acer tablets. But the modern PC tablets are iPad, Blackberry, and Android.

PC tablets come in different styles and four of the most famous styles are the convertible tablet, the slate tablet, the hybrid tablet and the rugged tablet. Convertible PC tablets can be directly compared to modern laptops mainly because of a physical keyboard that is attached to it. These tablets had displays that which can be rotated to 180 degrees and closed down. Some examples of these tablets are the Panasonic Toughbook 19, Acer TravelMate C210 and the Samsung Sliding PC7 Series. On the other hand, slate PC tablets typically have small LCD screens which measure from 8.4 inches to 14 inches. These models have touch screen units but do not have a physical keyboard. An example of a slate PC tablet is an iPad. Hybrid PC tablets are combinations of convertible and slate tablets because it can work with a detachable keyboard and have a removal display. Some examples of hybrid tablets are the HP/Compaq TC1000 and TC1100 series. And finally, the rugged PC tablets are just like the slate models but are designed for rough usage and intense circumstances. These are usually made with a protective case and shock-protected drives.

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