Multitasking Now Effecting iPhone Camera Usage

ProCamera has been modified to support all features of iPhone 4 (switching cameras, using the LED flash) and to use Multitasking features of the iOS 4 software update.
With these new options the app is able to finish saving full-sized photos and videos even after the app has been left.

Furthermore, ProCamera is ready to take a snapshot the second you open the app, upgrading the iPhone to the fastest point-and-shoot camera available.

ProCamera is the first camera app supporting HD video recording on the iPhone 4 and native HQ video recording on the iPhone 3GS.

As with all aspects of ProCamera, all pictures and videos are processed in highest quality without any reduction of size or resolution, unlike the competition making compromises.

Besides the vast features already implemented, added ProCamera’s famous arrangement guides such as Virtual Horizon, grids and compass to the video recording module, for perfectly aligned movies.

As known among users, ProCamera is getting better with each update. With version 2.8, ProCamera obtained a drastically performance boost and several new features.

Thanks to the close relationship to ProCamera customers, many suggestions and new features have been added within free updates since ProCamera has gone live.

As a additional benefit for ProCamera users, they can find a user guide inside the comprehensive iPhone user guide iCademy for iPhone, besides hundreds of tips, tricks and hints on how to use the iPhone more effectively. Available as a free download on the App Store.

The ProCamera product website offers fully loaded information on all of its features, a user guide and web gallery.

The support team is available for support at any time:

The developer Jens Daemgen, founder of, located in Mannheim, Germany, has been developing iPhone applications since the launch of the App Store. Daemgen is well known within the community for hosting a variety of iphone-centric seminars, video-training (DVD) seminars and works in tandem with the publisher Addison Wesley.

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