Modem Fee to Take Effect for Warner Cable Subscribers

Time Warner Cable Internet subscribers will need to check their mailboxes for a new $3.95 rental fee for their modem.

“All Northeast Internet customers outside of New York City will begin to see the $3.95 monthly fee starting November 1st,?” Joli Plucknette-Farmen, TWC communications manager for Western New York, said in an email.

“Notifications are being mailed to all Northeast customers this week.”

The only way to avoid the rental fee from Time Warner Internet Services is to either discontinue service, or purchasing the modem, which will range in prices between $50 and $100 per modem.

Those who have phone services but do not utilize internet services or own a modem will not be charged.

New York City subscribers were already ignited into considerable backlash against the company after they were hit with the same $3.95 monthly fee. Many disgruntled customers called the “rental fee” a hidden rate hike.

“It is strictly a fee for customers who choose to lease their Internet modem from us,” said Plucknette-Farmen. “We have been charging similar fees [$8.49] for our set-top boxes.”

So what is the reason for the 7% increase in fees to the customer by Times Warner Cable?

“As we continue to deploy more and more cable modems, many of these modems need servicing or replacing, get damaged and some are not returned,” said Plucknette-Farmen. “The monthly lease charge will allow us to service or replace the equipment, provide a better user experience and further enhance our Internet services.”

Times Warner Cable is not the only company to charge a modem fee. Bright House Communications instituted a fee as well, charging $2 for modems, started in October.

Comcast charges customers $7 for a modem and router rental, which sparked a lawsuit that was dismissed in January by a federal judge.

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