Mobile Shopping Power Unleashed by AppGreen New Features

Considering the uprising trend of mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and many other tablets available in the market, mobile shopping is still not a popular trend when compared with traditional online stores. While popular e-commerce solution providers such as Magento and Shopify are providing mobile store templates to users, a Hong Kong-based mobile catalog solution provider called AppGreen has launched two new features in the last week to provide mobile shopping and social sharing experience to online store owners and their customers.

Targeting Current Online Store Owners
AppGreen has launched two new features in the last week including “Buy Now” button and social sharing function to its catalog solution. The “Buy Now” button allows business owners to sell products immediately on iPad. Business owners can connect each product in the catalog with its corresponding page of the online store. When customers browse the catalog, they can make purchases immediately by tabbing the “Buy Now” button. Then the catalog app would direct the customers to the corresponding online store web page to finish the payment and shipping arrangement. The concerning payment process and stock management are within the original system so that online store owners need not worry about handling another new system. It is believed that this new feature would help AppGreen further extend their businesses towards mobile commerce.

Go Social – Go Mobile
The second feature is about social sharing function. It is an inevitable action to implement social sharing in every mobile application. Social sharing includes Facebook “Like” or “Share”, or sending tweet in Twitter. Concerning the details, AppGreen allows users to share the whole catalog or any product within the catalog to their friends through Facebook and Twitter. This ensures a viral spreading of the product or catalog in a certain extent and this would provide customers another option to come in contact with any catalog from AppGreen.

Going Mobile is No Longer a Yes/No Question
The new features mentioned above are especially useful to online business owners because business owners could extend their business through mobile devices and they would only need to manage the original platform. Besides the benefits of applying the AppGreen solution, going mobile or not is no longer a Yes/No question. A recent research from Forrester revealed that 24% of U.S. adult iPhone users had used a shopping application in the past three month. The above figure is expected to grow exponentially such that the world mobile commerce market is expected to hit 119 billion USD in 2015. Therefore at this moment, many mobile catalog shopping apps such as iTouch Catalog and Catalog Spree are striving to grab the attention from public.

AppGreen officially launched in mid-February 2012. Since then, AppGreen has been providing DIY platform for users to build catalog application. Users can try AppGreen’s service for free and can publish the finished catalog app to AppGreen Marketplace, which is a catalog viewing app only for AppGreen’s users. Currently there are more than 3000 registered users, with over 300 catalogs published through AppGreen’s catalog building service. Now with the new features, business owners can link up their online stores with the catalog apps to build a real catalog shopping experience.

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