Mobile Dashboard Designed for iPads, Tablets, and Smart Phones

E2, by Shoptech Software ( is the leading Shop Control Software. With a foundation in the contract manufacturing business, Shoptech Software has built an unmatched reputation by providing easy-to-use software for machine shops, job shops, and make-to-order (MTO) manufacturers. Setting the industry standard, E2 is the technology solution for managing shops regardless of industry sector or size.

Shoptech Software Corp. recently announced Mobile Dashboard, the first ERP mobile app designed specifically for iPads, Tablets and Smart phones.

Flexibility and Freedom

Today’s shop owner can finally “get away from the shop” without losing touch with what is going on at the shop. Any shop owner with a smart phone, iPad or Tablet can see how their shop is doing anywhere, anytime. Mobile Dashboard is the ultimate in freedom and flexibility.

“Everyone is going mobile these days and our customers are no different”, stated Phil Hutchinson, President and CEO of Shoptech Software. “Whether they’re on the road getting more business or at their kid’s soccer game, they can see exactly what is going on back at the shop. Mobile Dashboard gives shop owners the visibility into all areas of the business.”

First to Market

Mobile Dashboard is the first mobile app designed specifically for the job shop, make to order manufacturer. “Our customer focus groups all came back with the same feedback; we need information 24/7, 365 days without being tethered to our shops. “The popularity of iPads, Tablets and Smart Phones has skyrocketed recently and now everyone can…this empowers Shoptech customers with the mission-critical information they need to make the best possible decisions as quickly as possible,” stated Richard Ehemann, Chief Technology Officer.

Machine shops come in all sizes, from a one-person shop, to those with more than two hundred on staff. Some machine shops handle only small quantity orders, while others get into long-running production jobs. Regardless of size, the common reality of all machine shops is constant change from product quantities to delivery dates and countless other variables. E2, is specifically designed to easily handle these constant changes.

From quotes to orders to shipments, from materials to scheduling to quality, as wells as contact management and accounting functionality, E2 allows for improved efficiencies, greater flexibility, and improved profits.

E2 is for machine shops, job shops, fabrication shops, mold/die shops, screw shops, repair shops, service shops, captive shops, spring manufacturers, stampers, machine builders, and plastic injection molding manufacturers, to name a few. E2 is globally considered the authority of shop floor control.

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