Microsoft Windows Marketplace Comes to India

Microsoft has announced the availability of Windows Marketplace for Mobile, which allows users to browse and download applications on their Windows phone, in 19 new countries including India.

The internet giant has also added many more things to the marketplace to give users a personalised experience.

For a customised and personalised user interface, Microsoft has started adding country and language specific localisation to the application hub. And the new marketplace will periodically be changing the prices of the application owing to the fluctuation in the currency prices so the prices remain accurate.

Along with that, Microsoft has also added seven new developer locations for more content as well. This, however, does include India, but Indian users can expect localised applications soon enough.

Microsoft will also be adding the support for Microsoft Advertising pubCenter for the Windows phone 7 application developers for eighteen different countries including India. With in-app advertisements, similar to Android, we can expect a lot of free or advertisement supported applications arriving with the new marketplace.

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