MicroBeatMini AudioStrobe Mind Machine to Be Distributed in North America by MindMachines.com

MindMachines.com has been awarded the North American distributorship by MicroBeatMini. This partnership will bring direct fulfillment and distribution to the United States and Canada.

The first product to be available is the MbM AudioStrobe® mind machine. This unit has an innovative all in one visor design. All of the electronics, rechargeable batteries and earbuds are inside or directly integrated into the glasses. This design strategy is just one of the things that make the MbM the easiest most user friendly mind machine ever.

As Michael Landgraf, Publisher of the AVS Journal and President of MindMachines.com puts it, “There is no power switch! It automatically powers on when the audio cable is connected to the unit and it senses sound. It is that simple to use. To experience a session simply connect your sound source, such as an iPod or MP3 player, press play and adjust the volume”.

A key feature of the MbM is the light mode switch. The unit has three sets of light stimulation LEDs mounted inside a mirrored recess within the eyepieces. The red, green and white LEDs operate in a variety of modes creating wildly different light effects when using the same audio session program. For instance one mode features independent left/right eye frequency stimulation while others divide the left and right by LED color. This is a value added feature that allows the user to experience a session in multiple ways.

The MbM takes advantage of a technology called “AudioStrobe® ” which was developed by Tamas Labs. By encoding light stimulation information within an audio track a brainwave entrainment session can be imbedded within a standard MP3 file. This allows for endless possibilities and choices for session libraries covering all brainwave states from deep Delta and meditative Theta to relaxing Alpha and energizing Beta.

While there is already a sizable library of AudioStrobe® sessions available on audio CDs an even larger number of sessions is currently in development and being released in March 2012.

“The ability to encode brainwave entrainment that is synchronized to the audio program allows for an incredibly immersive experience. Combined with the ability to distribute via MP3 MicroBeatMini AudioStrobe® sessions makes it very powerful, versatile and ultra simple for the end user to experience”, says Christopher Oliver, leading mind machine session designer and developer of AV3X Digital® Meditation® technology.

The MicroBeatMini MbM comes with everything you need to get started with brainwave entrainment sessions such as an AudioStrobe® sample CD as well as integrated earbud headphones. Additionally, several smart phone and iPhone applications are about to be released that will feature sessions and MbM control.

The MicroBeatMini MbM AudioStrobe® mind machine sells for $299 and is now available at MindMachines.com. For more information visit MindMachines.com.

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