Micro Integration Services Develops App Solution for AT&T Customer Presentations

When AT&T needed a high-tech, innovative presentation solution to wow customers at their multimillion-dollar Corporate Briefing Center in Bedminster, N.J., they contacted Micro Integration Services (MIS) (http://www.misdb.com).

As a custom software and computer consulting company that’s been solving business problems since 1985, MIS was an easy choice for AT&T.

“For 26 years, we have built trust and a solid reputation for evaluating and understanding the unique needs of a client’s business,” says Glenn Smith, president. “When our evaluation determines that a customer’s desired needs may not be good for their business, we let them know. This is what attracted AT&T to us.”

The MIS solution for AT&T is an app they developed specifically for the iPad that the company uses exclusively for its internal client presentations at the Corporate Briefing Center.

When clients arrive at the AT&T Center in Bedminster, N.J., they receive an iPad and are asked to use the AT&T Briefing Center App to sign in.

The main purpose of the app is to allow the clients to see the presentation materials including video on the iPad as the presenter discusses each topic. Clients can take notes with the iPad and at any time send the notes to themselves via email. At the end of the presentation, users fill out a survey on the iPad, and the results are available to the Corporate Briefing Center.

MIS apps allow extension of data to the mobile user, which includes clients, work force and vendors. They also provide reporting and administrative features via custom, web-based software, providing their customers with the most flexible approach using today’s cutting edge technologies. Most of their work centers on integration of smartphones and databases.

“We always surprise companies after explaining how a customized app might help solve problems ranging from sales contacts to increasing efficiencies among employees,” says Smith. “In our app world, we’re always thinking about ways to make everything easier for our clients. Our goal is to have clients for the long term, and not just for a short- term gain,” says Smith.

For further information, contact Glenn Smith at gsmith@misdb.com or visit http://misdb.com/misweb/default.aspx.

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