Master Your iPhone Battery with Battery Plus

As iPhone users, most of us may have encountered such kind of disasters: need to make emergent call to deal with thorny problems, but the remaining battery in iPhone cannot afford this. As a result, we might lose a big deal or miss the right people in our life.

Who should be blamed? The iPhone’s short battery capacity or our ignorance to iPhone. In my opinion, no one should be criticized. The short iPhone battery life is no doubt one of its vital limitations. However, so far there is no technology available to makeup this flaw anytime soon. Fortunately, a new application has been developed specifically to address this issue. That is Battery Plus (

Battery Plus is a powerful battery management application specially designed for iPhone and iPod Touch. As the name tells, it is by far the most powerful battery management application on iTune store.

So how does Battery Plus help you better solve your iPhone/iPod Touch battery issues?

Battery Plus ( automatically detect the type of your device and its active network, and provides the most accurate information on your battery charge. It can tell you the remaining talk time, audio time, video time, and internet/data time. With this function, you can better plan on how to use your iPhone’s remaining battery, so that you can manage to finish the most important tasks at hand.

In addition, Battery Plus provides useful information on your iPhone battery’s usage, including charge cycle, remaining charge time, etc. Battery Plus even gives you a live chart demonstrating your battery capacity at different time during the day, the week, and month. To extend your battery’s lifespan, it also gives you a monthly notification to calibrate your iPhone battery.

To learn more about its amazing features, visit

With Battery Plus, you will be able to use your iPhone battery in a well-arranged way. It is undoubtedly an excellent assistant in your iPhone.

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