iPhone Video Converter 2012 Wins Award for Best Smartphone Video Software

A new video conversion software created by Reganam.com has won an award from the Social Media Success Center for Best Smartphone Video Software. The iPhone converter software focuses on iPhone video conversion and is new for 2012. Video on smartphones such as the iPhone must be converted before it can be played. This conversion is easily done using software such as the Reganam.com product. The software, iPhone Video Converter 2012, specifically focuses on converting videos to the iPhone and has many features while still being easy to use.

For those iPhone users who want to watch movies on iPhone, they do not have to worry about the iPhone video formats because the software will take care of it all. Converting video for iPhone is as easy as clicking a button. Reganam.com has the best iPhone video converter for quick, easy conversion.

For those people looking for iPhone video or an iPhone video converter, http://www.reganam.com has everything needed to watch movies on the iPhone.

According to the website, “iPhone Video Converter 2012 is the easiest to use video converter for iPhone available on the market. Convert all your videos to the iPhone video format with just a few clicks, the software is fast and supports most video formats like WMV, QuickTime, Real, AVI, 3GP and many other. With iPhone Video Converter you can encode your video and movie collection ready to be seen on your iPhone.”

For more information, visit http://www.reganam.com.

About Reganam.com
Reganam.com has software and tools to watch videos on iPhones and other mobile and smartphones, including AVI, 3GP, FLV and other formats.

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