The iPad Mini “Apple’s Response to the Wave of 7 Inches

Apple is expected to unveil on Tuesday 23 October, a “mini” version of its iPad tablet touch. For several weeks, the specialized sites report that the screen could be reduced to 7.85 inches (19.9 centimeters) diagonally against 9.7 inches (24.6 centimeters) for current models. The price would also be reduced between 249 and 399 dollars against 499 dollars now at least. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has started production of 10 million units.

With this device, Apple would curb competition in a market segment that was previously neglected. End of 2011, Apple accounted for over 60% of the area of touch tablets. But the competition was able to offer alternative offers, including proposing smaller devices, and cheaper.

This is the case of Amazon, which has assumed a 6% market a few months after the release of the Kindle Fire. The distribution group now offers new models of its digital tablet.

The group search engine Google has also opted for this strategy, with the Nexus 7, launched in late August. Sold from 200 euros, it competes directly with Amazon’s offer. The company hopes to pave the way for other manufacturers, including the latest version of Android “Jelly Bean” more fluid and responsive 7 inch format. According to an analyst at Piper Jaffray, he would have sold between 800,000 and 1 million tablets Google since its launch in late August.

This format was initiated in 2010 with the Samsung Galaxy Tab first. The South Korean group has multiplied since the models and sizes, from smartphones and tablets.

If the share of the iPad increased nearly 50% of sales from Apple is still in the first quarter, made ??by the iPhone. The previous quarter, the iPad tablet sales surged 84% (17 million units)

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