IDEA Media Replication Provides CD/DVD Packaging Solutions to Customers

Idea Media Replication, a leading and one of the oldest players in media manufacturing and duplication services now offers CD/DVD packaging solutions to its customers. The company specializes in providing standardized as well as customized packaging solutions according to the diverse needs and preferences of individual customers. This service holds all the more significance today as packaging over the years has evolved as the most significant marketing function.

Apart from providing CD duplication services this company also provides Cassette Duplication Services, DVD Rom Packaging, Blu-ray packaging, blu -ray cases packaging etc. This CD replication specialist also offers printed CD sleeves for sales to its customers and is known for their unique and artistic designs and patterns. Also the blu-ray duplication services provided by this CD replication CA service provider is one of the most sought after services in the region. They provide cost effective solutions for all DVD duplication, CD duplication, DVD Replication and CD duplication needs. Their team of professionals offers the best CD replication and duplication, DVD replication and duplication flash drive duplication and packaging solutions to name a few.

This DVD duplication CA specialist employs a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals with a diverse background in advertising, video and audio post production, independent music production and recording. These professionals as well as representatives employed by the company have an extremely customer friendly attitude and are approachable 24 by 7. While opting for IDEA Replication, a client can relax about the quality and authenticity of the DVD Duplication work because the company manufactures its every product under rigorous quality control parameters where the glass master is carefully manufactured in a sterile clean room environment and the subsequent stampers are produced under the highest quality control systems. The facilities contain state of the art specialized equipment that carefully monitors audio and video levels. They finalize all products by applying client’s customized artwork and labels.

About Idea Replication
Idea Replication is one of the major and the oldest players in media manufacturing and duplication industry. They also deal in VHS tape packaging for music, audio, entertainment, data & business solutions and Audio Cassette Duplication solutions. The company does not believe in discriminating among its customers and treat every customer, whether an individual or an MNC as their best customer. The company provides these customer centric and high quality services at very subsidized rates (in fact the fees charged by the company is amongst the lowest in the industry). To learn more visit

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