Idea Media Offers Quality CD Duplication Services with Lightning Fast Turn Times

Idea Media Services, a leader in CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray disk replication and packaging, is pleased to offer audio CD duplication services in lightning fast turn times. Idea Media Services’ duplication department can duplicate one CD at a time, or one thousand CD’s on demand, so that people can have their finished product in their hands in just a few days. CD duplication has never been easier. They offer packaging solutions to accommodate one’s each and every need. Their high resolution disc face printing assures that even the smallest orders look amazing.

As the trail blazer in CD DVD duplication industry, their mission is to provide high quality, excellent customer service and prices that are among the best. They make sure that their customers don’t have to sacrifice quality and service for a low price. They guarantee customer satisfaction with their services and their prices. With par-excellence services and unbeatable prices, Idea Replication has emerged as a synonym for DVD Duplication, DVD Replication, CD duplication, and Video Authoring as well as CD replication. The video authoring specialists at Idea Media have the experience and know how to combine edited video content with professional graphics and navigation to create any type of DVD product that people desire.

Another form of saving data is audio CD Replication that is done during the manufacturing process mostly done for commercial purposes. The process of replication is much longer than duplication because of the mastering and set up process. Sometimes it becomes necessary to create multiple copies of the information stored on a single disc and for that one will have to rely on CD Replication services. It is the best option if one needs a large number of copies of a data to distribute it to many people. Careful evaluation of replication options will help in making the right choice for creating multiple discs from a master. Idea Media replicates every disc size and shape, from mini CDs and business card CDs to completely custom shaped promotional CDs.

About Idea Replication
Idea Replication offers replication services that can handle feature film size quantities and a diverse range of products. Idea Media has been in the media manufacturing and duplication industry almost as long as there has been the industry. They can handle any size job, from ten to thousands and can accomplish this by employing a team of best professionals of the country having nearly 30 years’ experience with a diverse background in advertising, video and audio post production, independent music production and recording. For more information visit

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