– The Go-To Site for Information on Phlebotomy Training has gathered information as it relates to the field of phlebotomy. The information is mainly aimed at those looking to undergo the necessary training to become a certified phlebotomist.

The phlebotomist is the person who draws and collects blood from a patient’s body for analysis and diagnosis. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for phlebotomists, as well as other clinical laboratory employees, is slated to see an increase of 14 percent over the next 4 years. This makes the position one that is both attractive and with a bright future.

At, aspiring phlebotomist can acquire all the necessary information to pursue a certification in the field. The information includes such things as the type of pay to expect once training is completed, the best places to get the education, and the amount of time it takes to become certified. Other important information includes:

– The prospects for phlebotomists – a detailed job description and guidelines for job hunting
– Pay factors – do and don’ts for ensuring top pay
– Benefits of certification – while certification in only mandated by law in two US states, being certified does come with perks
– Training information – the best programs and the best schools for certification training
– Classes to take – the core subjects that a good phlebotomy training program offers
– And more… goes into details as they pertain to training pre-requisites and classes. The website states that phlebotomy classes are mostly offered by community colleges. And while most of these colleges require a high school diploma or equivalent, there have been instances where a GED was enough for students to enroll.

Students with busy schedules who can’t commit to a full-time on-campus education may, depending on the program, take some classes online; however, some on-campus classes will need to be taken. This makes sense as nobody can learn to draw blood without having had some hands-on training at puncturing a vein using a needle or a lancet.

About is an online property with the sole purpose of providing the right information for future students looking to acquire a certification in phlebotomy. The website details information about all aspects of becoming a phlebotomist.

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