Hero Town Is Back and Promises MMORPG Fans Hundreds of New Updates Per Year

Hatfield, UK – Fans of free MMORPG browser-based game Hero Town are in for a treat – they can now play the game for free at http://www.hero-town.com and take advantage of the frequent updates and exciting features which will be added on a regular basis. The new website promises hundreds of updates per year and free access to a world of adventure and excitement, with more than 360, 000 square meters available for free exploration, 10,000+ quests to complete and 21,000 villages to visit.

“This is just the beginning, we are going to add hundreds of updates per year, so that gamers will never have the chance to get bored. Just recently we have added smelting and mining skills and optimized the page so that users can play it with their friends and interact with other gamers as well, embarking on exciting missions and adventurous quests”, says administrative of Hero Town website.

What’s different at Hero Town from all other browser-based MMORPGs is how nicely is thought and made with the user in mind. It is a game that allows and actually encourages sharing the adventure with friends or establishing new connections with other players. So many different ways to interact with other players such as trading, becoming a part of a clan or fighting on missions together does nothing else than to increase the game’s capacity of becoming the most popular browser-based game.

Other than exploring virgin lands and unknown territories that make up more than 360,000 square meters, players are also entitled to more than 300,000 items they can obtain through quests and trading but, most importantly, they can have a blast slaying the 400 different monsters available in the game. “Boredom is not an option”, says the admin of http://www.hero-town.com.

The website is also optimized on regular basis- cool features and useful information are constantly added, while the Facebook and Twitter pages are updated on a regular basis- This way, fans are able to find out first what new updates are being added to the game and what are exciting news is there to learn about Hero Town.

Hero Town is a browser game that needs no installation and it’s completely free of charge. All users have to do is to sign up, create their account and start playing the game as if there’s no tomorrow. The constant updates will keep them busy all year long, while being able to share the adventure and excitement with their friends.

To create an account or find out more about this popular web game, please visit http://www.hero-town.com.

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