HD Screensavers Downloads With Art4HD Offers a New Way to Enjoy HDTV

Art4HD and Hidef-Art.com has recently announced a joint venture that will offer consumers new and innovative ways to enjoy HD Screensavers art with many flat screen TVs. With this new marketing partnership, consumers can enjoy beautiful and realistic screen saver video on their HDTVs that is compatible with most the newer HD televisions.

The joint effort between these two innovative media companies allows customers to access and download high quality, high definition screensavers with ease directly from a computer to any brand HDTV system.

“Art4HD is pleased to announce a marketing partnership with Hidef-Art.com giving the HDTV user a new way to enjoy there flat screen TVs with HD Screensavers.” Art4HD President Nichapat Henning announced.

Transforming any HDTV into a visually compelling Screensaver HDTV has never been more simple. Art4HD is a pioneer in regards to visual entertainment by turning HD TVs into high-definition video works of art. As the first company to offer video art compatible with USB drives, TV compatible art downloads and video streaming compatible with the Android system. The company continues to create trends and find new ways to publish media content.

“The Art4HD video device database can help you determine if your HD product or HD Television can play HD screensavers. This HD video product database covers HD Televisions, Blu-ray players, media players, and tablet devices and more” says Henning.

The process is as easy as plugging in a USB flash drive into any TV or Blu-ray player or media player. Download the screensaver scene choice and transfer to a USB drive or other memory device, then enjoy the stunning HD video art on the Television screen. Download and start enjoying visually compelling screensavers of Aquariums, Fireplaces, Waterfalls, Shorelines, Sunsets and many more exotic locations.

About Art 4 HD
The company provides a HD Video Art website which has the most advanced HD viewing technology available to give HD Art viewing with most web browsers.

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