Hardware Features of Amazon Kindle and Nook Touch eReaders Compared by Best eReader Reviews

Best eReader Reviews (http://bestereaderreviews.net/), a website that publishes information on eReaders¸ has created an extensive review that specifically compares the Amazon Kindle Fire with Barnes and Noble’s Nook Touch. The main comparison is presented in form a of a comparison table that also includes the other common e-readers in the market such as the Sony Reader and Kobo Touch. The Kindle versions that have been featured in the table include the Basic Kindle and the Kindle Touch. The last column is labeled “Winner” and it lists the best ebook reader amongst the others when compared on a common aspect. Aspects that have been compared on the table include pricing which comes in the first row, Touch Screen, Audio, 3G, Built-in Memory, Expandable Memory, Dimensions, Weight and Battery Life where the Nook Touch emerges the best with 2 months plus of battery life.

On whether the Nook or the Kindle would be suitable for consumers, this ebook reader review indicates that this really depends on what specific features a consumer would want to have in an e-Reader. The Kindle Touch for instance would be perfect for the consumers who are looking for an e-Reader that has both Wi Fi and 3G while the basic Kindle is suitable for the kind of consumers that do not need features such as audio, 3G or a touch screen. But the review cautions that buyers should not be blinded by low costs because the touch screen version of the Kindle comes with a whole lot of exciting features just for an extra $20. One of their previous press releases can be found here.

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Best eReader Reviews is dedicated to the review of all brands of eReaders available in the market. Their key objective is to help consumers determine the eReader that suits them best. To achieve this, they have compiled reviews and comparisons of several eReaders, all aimed at providing useful information to consumers.

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