Reports Boom in the Interest of Guild Wars 2

The release date of Guild Wars 2 is approaching with a huge boom in the interest of the game The website is dedicated to bringing the fans the latest news, guides and strategies on the latest installment to Guild Wars and it has reported a 500% increase in the number of unique visitors which have visited the site over the past week compared to figures from the previous week. This boom of traffic in the run up to the game’s release was generally unexpected but can be put down to several factors.

The GW 2 Guide site was expecting a 25% increase in the number of visitors looking for Guild Wars 2 information in the 6 week lead up to the release date with a 100% increase in the very last week before the game release. The 500% increase in unique visitors to the site looking for Guild Wars 2 help, information and strategy guides has smashed all predictions and forecasts. now expects this boom to continue with a further boost in the week after the game has been released along with previous visitors returning to refresh their memories. have now said that they will be adding further strategy guides for the games in order to address the requirements of all of their new and returning visitors.

The has found a significantly active social media scene for the game on the likes of Twitter, Facebook Groups, forums and fan sites and all of these fans and participants are looking for any relatively unknown knowledge about the game and what they are going to be able to expect.

The release of the Guild Wars 2 game will be on the 28th August 2012 however it is already possible to pre-purchase the game and get access a massive three days earlier than anyone else. Incentives such as the prerelease garnered their attention through social media and this can be one of the reasons why there has been such a boom in the interest of the game. All of the major Guild Wars 2 fans will fail to see why they should wait until the official release day before getting to explore the new characters, environments, races and new and exciting professions.

The prerelease does offer an important gaming advantage, giving the gamers the opportunity to get to grips with the basics before anyone else however those who really wish to get ahead and have a huge advantage over general players are able to research the game prior to the prerelease date! Gamers are now more savvy now thanks to the internet and the most competitive gamers are looking for everything they can to ensure they choose the right Guild Wars 2 race and most competitive profession. New revolutionary parts of the game such as the dynamic events can also be recognized as a reason why there is such a huge boom in interest in Guild Wars 2 and the GW 2 Guide website.

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