Think and Grow Rich eBook Release Unveils Winning Success Principles

The secrets to becoming successful and rich are often touted by people who have achieved it. Such an accomplishment, however, has remained perpetually elusive for most people who are struggling to make ends meet, and be successful in their work or business. The world speaks much of the many secrets to success, but choosing to take the path itself requires one to be equipped with the right information, ample insights and appropriate experience.

“Think and Grow Rich” is arguably the number one success book of all time, being the trusted resource of the most successful people in the world. First published more than 70 years ago and written by Napoleon Hill, the book has helped people uncover the ways to spot and seize opportunities, and become successful at it. This new volume, “The Lost Secret”, uncovers and explores the best-kept secret of Hill’s original version.

Released by Laurenzana Press, a Florida-based Indie publisher of personal development and self-help eBooks, “Think and Grow Rich: The Lost Secret” quickly grabbed the top spot in the Hot New Releases in Business Management & Leadership at, as well as earning rave reviews from readers.

Ronda Fitz from Arlington, Texas says: “I have read ‘Think and Grow Rich’ years ago and again more recently, but still had trouble getting beyond fairly successful. This [The Lost Secret] definitely helped me to see clearly where I’m stumbling. Written clearly, and in simple terms, the powerful ideas presented have already helped me focus on what steps to take next.”

Think and Grow Rich: The Lost Secret” features the fundamental precept that makes all of the other success principles come to life, as unveiled by Vic Johnson, Founder of, and In particular, Johnson talks about the three pillar secret, the four key rules and the proven formula for amassing fortunes and accomplishments, as adopted by world-class achievers in all disciplines.

For that huge success that requires great knowledge, people hoping to be achievers should visit and discover the biggest secrets within this soon-to-be best-seller.

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