Great News for iPhone Mobile Shoppers

Nichevision Labs (NVL) announced today immediate availability of its #1 in Deals application to enable shoppers to make more informed shopping decisions about millions of products in 40 categories including, books, electronics, grocery, jewelry, toys, videos, etc. from anywhere in the world. Unique tools allow shoppers to search and sort by specific product or within product categories for lowest price, best rated, best selling, etc. The #1 in Deals app also allows shoppers access to special promo codes and deals that are confirmed to be available immediately.

“Mobile online shopping is reaching critical mass in the United States and around the globe” said Luigi Armogida, CEO at NicheVision Labs. A recent study by ABI Research shows mobile online shopping rose from $396 million in 2008 to $1.2 billion in 2009 in the United States alone. This number is expected to increase to $119 billion worldwide by 2015.

To assist shoppers the #1 in Deals app offers several different ways to search and sort through millions of products. Users can search for any product or from 40 different categories by simply entering a specific product name, keyword description, Title, Author, SKU, or ISBN. Shoppers can then use the #1 in Deals flexible sorting tools to sort results alphabetically, by best price, best rated, best selling, release date, etc.

Armed with this information the shopper can easily confirm if they are getting the best deal when shopping at a store, or when shopping online.

In addition, for shoppers who are not looking for anything in particular, but still wish to be informed about great sales, #1 in Deals also includes separate tabs for daily exceptional deals and promo codes from multiple retailers that are available instantly, and have been verified by the staff at NicheVision Labs.

“Consumers like to know about great deals even if they are not particularly looking for the product. The problem is many online deals and promo codes are often expired or scams to drive traffic to web sites. Promo codes and deals in #1 in Deals are legitimate offers, from legitimate retailers, that can be acted upon immediately. Our staff checks these offers daily to save the consumer the time and aggravation of ghost deals” said Armogida.

Armogida continued, “Our commitment is to arm customers with money and time saving information that they can trust and use to make their best shopping decision online, or on the go, and with the least amount of effort and aggravation”

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