GOXBEE Announces Launch of New Turn-Key School Emergency Alerts System

GOXBEE has just announced the launch of an innovative new turn-key emergency alerts system for schools. The web based platform enables schools to immediately broadcast time sensitive information to students, parents, members of staff and other individuals of importance. These messages are sent out in the form of text messages, email, web and voice communications.

According to GOXBEE, the system is set to revolutionize the way that schools communicate with their students.

“The current method of communication between schools and students is somewhat old fashioned,” said a company spokesperson. “In fact, students and parents do not usually find out about problems such as school closures until they arrive at the front gate! But by plugging in to the GOXBEE network, school administrators can now contact thousands of students at the click of a button.”

The emergency alerts system works by enabling school administrators to populate their own database of subscribers using the web based platform. This database can further be segmented into different groups and subgroups to better customize the most appropriate recipients of each broadcast. After set-up, administrators can then send out emergency alerts to their subscribers across the GOXBEE network.

Initial setup only takes a matter of minutes and there are no hidden charges or monthly maintenance fees.

For more information on the GOXBEE emergency alerts system for schools, visit http://www.goxbeeschools.com

GOXBEE provide mass text-message broadcast services for businesses, schools, and other organizations. The GOXBEE App for iPhone and Android connects together users via the GOXBEE network. The network is used to connect together consumers and retails outlets to support business in the local community as well as enable schools to send out time-sensitive announcements to all students, staff, and parents.

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