GameStop Expecting the release of One Console in 2013 Reports

The world renowned game retailer, GameStop, has stated the latest Xbox and PS4 will not be launching in the coming year or anytime soon, according to

CEO Paul Raines just recently commented, “It is expected the Wii U will be released around the holiday season, and two more consoles are in line; one being released each year.”

It is important to reassert the fact that nobody knows the exact dates of the launch on any of these products. What GameStop is aware of is that Xbox 720 is headed towards completion, whereas the PS4 has not yet approached that stage.

It is crucial to mention that Sony manufacturers are determined not to let Xbox take the limelight in the market, like it did the last time. This was the period when the Xbox 360 and PS3 were released and the Xbox clearly won over the fans by launching much earlier.

It is known that both companies are contemplating releasing their products by the end of 2013, but nothing is certain. The CEO of GameStop did hint that their company is in contact with the console companies and that they are expecting prices to be a bit cheaper this time around.

A marketing executive stated that their company gives them advice regarding the pricing and other related features to ensure success in the market. In addition to this, the Marketing VP added that price reductions sometimes become necessary because it ensures that more units of the consoles are sold. Since more people buy the consoles, there will also be an increase in the number of games bought.

Communication is essential with this regard, because customers need to be informed about reductions in prices before the products are actually sold. It would be highly inconvenient if a customer ends up buying a console for a high price and finds out that there is an unexpected drop right after.

Just to keep customers entertained Sony has also planned to release another updated version of the PS3 to keep customers happy until the latest version greets the market.

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