G9 3.5 Inch Dual Sim Android 2.2 OS Smart Phone With GPS TV WiFi

With the popularity of open Android operating system, Android Smart phones also become one of the most popular types. More and more Android phones appear to seize the market.

As a professional China mobile wholesale (http://www.umibuy.com), umibuy.com keep updating the latest Android OS smart phones each day in China market. Consumers can buy whatever new on umibuy.com. This time, umibuy.com strongly recommends a newborn G9 Android 2.2 smart phone with 3.5 inch HVGA full display and as many as other fashion functions.

This is a great phone equipped with the latest Android 2.2 operating system. It can support more than 150 thousand free application software. Users can download as many as needed applications from Android market and install on one’s own. It is very easy and useful.

Like all the current great smart phones, the G9 smart phone comes with dual sim dual standby function. It makes up the inconvenience of sim shortage in a good way, which is very good and convenient for business men. It can divide the business and private. It is also useful for people who frequently take evection.

The China smart phone (http://www.umibuy.com/wholesale-unlocked-wholesale-cell-phone/wholesale-smart-phone.html) support GPS function. Besides, it has a special car mode. If customers turn the phone to the Car mode, users can choose navigation and speak navigation. With such excellent function, there is no need to worry about losing right direction and destination. Moreover, it can help drivers a secure driving without disturbing driving attention.

The new smart phone supports global analog TV function. Therefore, just like carry a mini portable TV in hand, it is very comfortable and convenient to watch TV programs anytime anywhere. Moreover, the operating is very simple. Just like setting FM radio, after setting location, users can watch many wonderful local TV channels

High speed WiFi is another outstanding feature. Users can connect to the internet easily if there is a hot spot. And then, users can surf the internet wireless for free. Users can search useful information, read news, have online chat, visit network websites, etc. It is just like operating a palm PC.

Surprisely, the cheap smart phone (http://www.umibuy.com/wholesale-new-arrivals.html) comes with high definition dual camera dual flash. Besides, it comes with very smart setting. All the options icons displayed on the screen. It is easy and convenient to set them. Users can focalize freely. Also, there is a virtual trace ball to change photographing mode. Just move the ball softly left to right side, it can turn to video taking from picture taking. It is very interesting.

Except the above key functions, the cheap China phone also supports a wide selection of other fashion and wonderful applications and functions, such as 3D music, browser, Aldiko Ebook, Yahoo messenger, Deskclock, eBuddy, Email, ES file explorer, Facebook, Gmail, Latitude, Google maps, market, mobile TV, MSN talk, Navigation, Places, Robo Defense, Search, Google Talk, the weather, Thinkfree Mobile, Twitter, Google voice, Voice dialer, Wikimobile, wireless keyboard, YouTube, etc.

In addition to this great smart phone, umibuy.com also provides consumers a broad range of other unlocked China phones (http://www.umibuy.com/wholesale-unlocked-wholesale-cell-phone.html) with cheap price and high stable quality. All the mobile phone support freeshipping and dropship service. If wholesale cell phones from umibuy.com electronic online store, customers will get much lower prices.

What’s more, umibuy.com never ends up paying attention to reliability. Abiding by the “Reliability First”, Umibuy.com is always striving for provide customers the first class and safe shopping experience. There are no fake and defective products, no fraud transactions, and no inobservant policies.


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