Free Online Games, As Offered by Armor Games, Offering Challenge to More Traditional, Blockbuster Game Makers

Online gaming has become a big business throughout the world, and a new wave of free games is increasingly popular. Prior to the prevalence of free online games, many gamers were forced to purchase expensive games, in order to play. As gaming has become more popular and an important hobby for many people, their options for online games are expanding.

The Times of Oman released a recent story, citing free games as a “new fad,” particularly in emerging markets. Prior to the popularity of free games, many game makers had avoided emerging markets because of the fear of piracy, but the growth of free games makes emerging markets a great target for game producers, because these free games are more accessible to the residents of these areas.

Daniel McNeely, CEO of Armor Games, is one company jumping on the success of free online games. The site offers a huge selection of online games that can be played for free, and their games fall into a wide variety of genres. Game genres include online shooting games, online puzzle games, online war games, free online car games, free online hidden object games and dozens more.

“Over recent years, the world and the economy have taken more notice of gamers and their preferences,” said McNeely. “Gamers are a big consumer market, and free games are what’s really garnering worldwide attention right now. Gamers aren’t just playing video games with the kid down the street anymore. Online games are allowing people to communicate with gamers throughout the world, and free games are giving access to more people from different regions that may not have previously been thought of as big game consumers.”

Armor Games, Inc. is one of the biggest free gaming websites in the world, and they offer users thousands of new game reviews and ratings, which makes it simpler for gamers to find new games each day.

Frank Gibeau, the head of labels at Electronic Arts, the world’s second largest game maker by revenue, gave an interview to the Times of Oman, in which he said “With the growing availability of mobile devices and PCs, the number of potential customers is rapidly expanding, especially in emerging markets.”

Gibeau went on to say, “”The free-to-play model makes our games accessible to these audiences.”

The same article stated, “While the companies traditionally relied on sophisticated blockbusters which cost tens of millions of dollars to make, meaning there were fewer rivals, they now face a slew of little competitors willing to settle for smaller profit.”

“This is a new dawn for online gaming,” said McNeely. “And we’re here to be a part of it, and provide gamers with the best possible experience.”

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