Fotosearch Now Has More Than 200,000 Stock Footage Clips Photos Available

Fotosearch, one of the world’s largest providers of stock imagery, is pleased to announce that it now has more than 200,000 stock footage clips available at its web site. While this is a noteworthy achievement for Fotosearch, reaching the milestone directly means that visitors have an even greater selection of stock footage than ever before.

While the sheer quantity of footage clips that Fotosearch has available is impressive, the company is very careful to choose only first-class clips to include in it’s immense library. “200,000 clips is certainly impressive, but our focus remains more on quality rather than quantity”, said Rick Wintersberger, president of Fotosearch.

Founded in 1998, Fotosearch has firmly established itself as a top choice in stock imagery for creative professionals worldwide by constantly expanding its extensive collection of stock footage with thousands of new clips every month. With a robust, lightning-fast search engine, visitors are able to quickly search Fotosearch’s massive collection and find the ideal video clips for their projects.

About Fotosearch®
Publitek, Inc., dba Fotosearch, is one of the largest stock image providers in the world, representing more than 100 royalty free agencies, more than 10 million photos, and over 200,000 stock footage clips. Fotosearch’s impressive client list includes international magazines, newspapers, and publishing companies, as well as thousands of major advertising firms in the U.S. and abroad. Visit Fotosearch stock photography to Find the Perfect Photo Fast™.

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