Fix My iPhone Reveals Useful Tips and Tricks for Your iPad

A lot of people are aware of the wonderful features of an iPad. This amazing gadgets allow its user to watch movies, surf the Internet, make use of various iTunes applications, communicate with family or friends, play games and many other things. However, Apple has created iPad to do more than all those things. Some of its advanced and more useful features are hidden underneath the iOS surface. For people who wish to further improve their user experience, Fix my Ipad reveals tips and tricks. With this information, anyone can become an iPad master.

Getting to know the iPad well helps the user to make the most out of his purchase. Apple is a very creative and amazing company that it is not content when they just provide people with the usual features. This makes them stand above all the other digital companies in the market today. However, one has to first figure out how to fully utilize this device in order to take full advantage of what Apple has in store for them.

Self-destruction Option:
This feature is not exactly what most people think. When watching action movies, self-destruction implies explosion. When it comes to an iPad, this just means that all the messages and memory of the device will be erased once there have been ten failed passcode entry attempts.

This is to protect the information in the said device. This can be activated by checking the Erase Data option which can be found by going to Settings– General– Passcode Lock.

Disabling Autocorrect:
A lot of iPad and Apple user know how Autocorrect can mess their message up. For people who wish to disable this, this can easily be done.

However, the fastest and more effective way of turning down Autocorrect is by finish typing the word and tapping the autocorrect suggestion.

To make use of the word that Autocorrect is providing, one has to click the space or punctuation mark when the word pops up.

Every Apple user know that pressing the Home button twice will provide the list of the apps and programs that are currently in use. Yet there is one thing that most user don’t know. By switching the multitasking bar left to right, there would be a quick access to the audio controls.

Aside from that, it is also a shortcut to the iTunes player. Through this, one can also get to access the volume controls as well as connect the iPad display on a TV without any wires.

Taking screenshots of the current screen:
This can be easily done by pushing both the Home button as well as the Sleep/Wake button at the same time. In order to find the screenshot, take a look at the photos album.

By making use of these tricks, any iPad user can surely make the most out of his gadget.

About Fix My iPad.
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