Eyecare & Eyewear of Carrollton Announces New Product – Crizal with Optifog

Supplier of designer eyewear, contact lenses and complete eye care, Eyecare & Eyewear in Carrollton http://www.ecew.com/ , announces new product offering — Crizal with Optifog http://www.ecew.com/products/lenses/crizal/.

These new lenses eliminate glasses from steaming up or fogging. Whether in a cold or hot environment, Optifog lens technology ensures clear, instantaneous vision without the fear of clouding. While many over-the-counter products promising clear lenses are available, such as sprays, solutions and short-lived fixes, Optifog is the first and only complete solution for foggy lenses. Simply apply the fog free concentrate once a week to both sides of the lenses and enjoy crisp, crystal clear vision. Now, temperature-intensive tasks need not be hazy hazards but optically unhindered enjoyments. While cooking, at work, over hot coffee, or down a snow laden-hill, Optifog takes the gloom out of glasses.

Eyecare and Eyewear is proud to offer Optifog technology on equally noteworthy Crizal lenses. Notorious for combating eyeglasses’ most formidable foes, smudges, glare, dust, water drops and scratches, Crizal-treated lenses come equipped with Crizal coating, a safeguard against the aforesaid fivefold forces.

Delivering the one-two punch, Crizal with Optifog contains the best in lens functionality, durability, and mobility. Eyecare and Eyewear, a Carrollton eyewear supplier http://www.ecew.com/products/eyewear/, is happy to continue to supply superb name brand eyewear at modest prices.

About Eyecare& Eyewear
Eye Care & Eye Wear of Carrollton, a Carrolton eye clinic, was founded in 1984 and since then has made it a priority to embrace new technology that allows for the best eye care possible. We have board certified opticians on staff that remain committed to constant education in the field of optics as well as Carrollton eyewear and contact lenses http://www.ecew.com/products/contact-lenses/ to bring you service you can see. Find out more about Eyecare& Eyewear at http://www.ecew.com/.

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