Esignature Solutions- There’s an App for That

When it comes to electronic signatures, there’s an app for that, thanks to Sertifi, a leading electronic signature and web contracting solutions provider.

The company released Sertifi Signer, a free iPad application, Jan. 1. It is available for download in the iTunes store.

The app is for those who need to sign documents, and it enables them to do so by using their finger. It eliminates the need for paper documents, fax machines and snail mail when handling contracts and other documents, said John Stojka, Sertifi’s co-founder.

“With technology being what it is today, there’s no reason why we can’t ax the fax for good,” Stojka said. “Being able to sign something via computer was a huge step toward progress, and putting that same ability on a mobile tablet is the next logical step.”

Placing an electronic signature solution on a tablet creates freedom and mobility for users, thanks in part to the iPad’s size.

“Imagine the convenience of signing documents while you’re on a plane or by walking into a client’s company and passing them your iPad to capture their signature,” he said. “That is what this app makes possible. You never have to print, scan and fax documents ever again.”

Key features include:

– It’s free and downloadable in iTunes.
– It works with PDFs and enables users to add text in their documents if needed.
– It works with iOS 4.3 or later.
– It’s easy to use. Sign documents anywhere, anytime.

Learn More
To learn more about Sertifi and its esignature solutions, call 1-866-983-8877 or visit:

About Sertifi
Based in Chicago, Illinois, Sertifi provides leading E-Signature and Web contracting solutions that enable sales organizations to improve exchange of sales contracts with customers and partners. Sertifi is the industry’s most trusted E-Sign provider and has processed millions of electronic agreements and signature events.

Sertifi provides the industry’s leading eSignature web service API, which enables integration into existing systems, or pre-built connectors into leading platforms such as and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Sertifi’s Software-as-a-Service technology is used by leading companies including CareerBuilder, Microsoft, Pitney Bowes, and the U.S. Air Force.

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