Best eReader Reviews Exposes the Bright and Dark Side of Kindle Fire

Best eReader Reviews has exposed what they call the real picture of Amazon Kindle Fire. In an elaborate publication described as a review of the “much talked about Amazon Kindle Fire tablet”, the creators say they are not just talking about the shiny details of the Kindle Fire but also its shortcomings as well and how they can affect owners of the Kindle Fire while going about their daily business. This ebook reader review is quite detailed, complete with 25 reasons that seek to show consumers what is really good in the Kindle Fire tablet, which features stand out and what qualities distinguish the Kindle Fire as a better option compared to all the other tablets in the market.

The resolution of the Kindle Fire for instance is so high (1024 X 600 pixel) with 169 pixels per inch, which is much higher compared to ipad2 at 132 ppi. Other exceptional features include a wide viewing angle, high performance Dual Core processor, multi-touch touch screen display, dynamic selection of apps, one paid free app every day, antiglare and durable display, fast web browsing thanks to Amazon Silk, 14.6 ounces, free cloud storage backup, Amazon MP3 store with 17 million songs plus audible digital audio formats, more than 1,000 movies, over 10, 000 top TV shows, more than one million ebooks in the Kindle store and Adope Flash player support.

On the bad side of the Kindle Fire, the review says Amazon lacks 3G, but also adds that the entry level iPad2 which costs $200 more than the Kindle Fire has no 3G as well. Other features on the bad side include a small on-board memory, lack of camera and microphone, 7 inch display, 8 hours of battery life compared to 10 hours for the iPad2, less apps and lack of Bluetooth. If one would want to read more, one of their previous press releases can be found here.

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