Best eReader Reviews Evaluates the Good and Bad of Amazon’s Kindle Fire

Best eReader Reviews has produced a Review of the Amazon Kindle Fire, specifically highlighting the good side as well as the bad side of the Kindle Fire tablet. According to the creators of the website, the Kindle Fire Review is not just about the shiny details of the tablet alone but rather a deep ereader review that gives its shortcomings with a strong believe that consumers must always be told the bad side of any product to enable them make a balanced decision. The ebook reader review looks at the Kindle Fire from three main dimensions namely the Good, the BAD and the UGLY. The BAD section features 25 reasons explaining why the Kindle Fire is good for anyone, while the BAD component includes 10 reasons detailing why the Fire is not really the iPad2. The UGLY on the other hand focuses on what features Amazon has not included in the Fire such as GPS and microphone. But the web masters are quick to observe that it would be unimaginable that Amazon would find it possible to include every other feature and still be able to sell the tablet at $199. And with this thinking, they say that it is impossible to achieve a $200 tablet that can do what a $500 tablet can do, and this is possibly why the Fire lacks the features.

Some of the features that make up the good side of the Fire include pricing which has been listed at the very top, perhaps an indication that price is a key consideration that consumers will always look at because everyone wants to get a tablet that is affordable yet powerful enough in terms of performance. Others include a Powerful Dual-Core processor, high resolution screen, multi-touch display and anti-glare display. The bad side features stuff such as lack of 3G (but there is Wi-Fi) and lack of Bluetooth. If needing to read more, one of their previous press releases can be found here.

About Best eReader Reviews
Best eReader Reviews is a tablet review website that features reviews of the best tablets in the market. It also contains comparisons of competing tablets, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each product with a view to provide the most helpful information for consumers. Examples include the Kindle vs Nook and Kindle Fire vs Nook.

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